We are a Eco friendly salon, located in a quiet pocket of Malvern East. Here at Sp Salon we have a passion for dry cutting, which coincides with our love of natural movement and texture.


Below we've put together a checklist that we would love for you to read before your visit. Our checklist is designed to give you a better understanding of what we are about;


Before anything else..

Please arrive with your hair in its clean natural state, down and dry. Any heavy product or dampness may hinder our ability to give you the dry cut you deserve.


No ponytails or clips please.


We do not follow any particular curl methods as we have our own. We fully appreciate that you may follow particular curl care and styling methods at home, but while we are doing your hair at the salon we will look after your curls the way we are so highly trained to do.


If you have strict ideas of how you would like your curls cut according to any methods, you maybe best to seek out a hairdresser with a similar ethos.


Although we try to minimize frizz completely eliminating it is not normal for a curl, our job is to make the most of what your hair has going on naturally.


Yes we use combs and sometimes brushes too. Some methods are against this but OUR method involves us of these tools.


After your haircut we thoroughly wash it for you and then proceed to style it with either Oway or Insight, which are paraben and sulphate free.We then finish with a mixture of a diffuser and a hooded dryer.


We choose to celebrate curly hair in all its wonderful types, size and patterns.Our artistic creativity allows us to bring out what your curl naturally does and not try to force it into a position it does not.


After all we are Sp Salon

and our philosophy is

Be Natural.